Charity days


In response to legislative requirements, growing awareness among business leaders, and above all, a strong push from employees (especially younger employees), more are more businesses are including social and environmental challenges in their strategy and activities. Since these types of challenges have always played a key role in KCO’s mission, the agency has naturally emerged as a bridge between the nonprofit sector and the business world.


Building on its strong history with nonprofits, foundations and NGOs, KCO helps corporations, SMEs and midcaps roll out charity projects in France and worldwide through a wide range of engagement formats: charity days, volunteering, fundraisers, donations, volunteering vacations, skills-based volunteering, etc.


In order to build a unique and authentic culture of solidarity within companies, KCO develops civic engagement programs that mobilize the widest possible range of staff to support communities through charity initiatives. The goal is to foster a lasting connection between the supported cause and the values of the company and its employees.