WordAppeal’s teams are divided into 6 areas or communities of interest.

Energy & Communications

WordAppeal’s parent company, Pelham Media Ltd., generates 58% of its turnover through energy-related communications issues. Laetitia Puyfaucher, Co-founder and CEO of WordAppeal, worked on the Politique Energétique Européenne (European Energy Policy) report, published in March 2007 by the Institut Montaigne.

Online Banking Marketing

WordAppeal has helped define the online click-stream of the most prestigious stakeholders in banking, achieving very important transaction results.

Online Financial Communications

For the third year in a row, WordAppeal is carrying out a study on the best international practices for online financial communications.

Usability Design

Combining interactive, graphic and information architecture to create engaging interactive and print tools. For effective, useful and useable products.

Editorial Accessibility

From composing links and meta-tags to editorial handling of images for the visually-impaired, WordAppeal has real – and constantly growing – expertise in editorial accessibility.

Baby Boomer Retirement & Communications

How can communications contribute most effectively to the transmission of knowledge and skills?