Raid Indigo - Trail Nocturne - 38



A sports event organizer, KCO has developed a unique approach. Going beyond the famous Coubertian maxim “Citius, Altius, Fortius”, KCO develops means of action to enchantgathermobilize or raise awareness.

A sporting event then becomes:

  • A tool for promoting a territory
  • A means of action of solidarity
  • A vector of integration through sport
  • An example of sustainable development
  • A system of territorial cohesion

Open to all, KCO’s public events put participants at the heart of a unique experience where everyone can live their passion as they wish. Organizational constraints adapt to the rhythm and needs of the participants so that everyone can enjoy themselves, regardless of their motivations and skill level. These events are guided by the need to share an exceptional moment and generate unforgettable memories.

KCO also produces major media and popular events with the aim of creating exceptional live happenings. KCO stages the sport events in unique settings and ensures they are accessible to as many people as possible. Flawless organization guarantees events that thrill, amaze and generate happiness and emotion.

According to client requests and needs, KCO integrates demanding criteria in terms of eco-design and/or social responsibility in order to ensure sustainable development. At the same time, KCO has developed expertise in the creation of educational content and edutainment operations aimed at the youngest generations.